I love leading project teams, wrangling complex content ecosystems, and playing with words.
Over the years, I've run strategy and design initiatives for:
- Digital products
- Interactive experiences
- Full-scale branding projects
- Retail marketing expressions
- Creative advertising concepts
- Social media campaigns

Some of the brands I've worked with include:
Apple, Google I/O, Google for Entrepreneurs, Google Maps, Android, Nexus, Comcast, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Colgate, BP, Sunglass Hut, Under Armour, Alternative Apparel, Sprouts, and Jive Software, as well as several power utilities, financial institutions, and progressive political campaigns.

I began my career as a newspaper journalist 15 years ago before I made the move to design. I’ve worked as a writer, strategist, and creative director at several agencies in Portland and San Francisco. Right now I'm the content strategy lead on Airbnb's Support Products Agent Platform team in Portland, Oregon.

I'm particularly skilled at thinking strategically and holistically, while still being able to execute the details with precision. I believe in leading others by example and with compassion. And it’s possible that I talk faster than anyone you’ve ever met.

Let’s chat about content!
(or pop culture, or dogs, or music, or Instapot cooking, or old-lady-chic faahion)
Twitter/Instagram: @vinvickery